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Harmony between history and modern grips


$ 579.500 - $ 1.175.000


Franciska Clausens Plads 20


20 Apartments


Not specified


For sale




1 - 3


98 - 202 m2

Welcome to Mineralvandsfabrikken

There is only one listed building on the historic brewery site that will be converted into a residence, and that is the iconic Mineralvandsfabrikken from the 1920s. You will not find anything similar, either in or outside Carlsberg City: Luxurious two-storey homes on top of a beautiful, newly renovated industrial property, bright rooms, concrete floors, oak panels and kitchens in steel and marble.

The international star architect Dorte Mandrup is behind the transformation of the listed building from factory to homes with meticulous respect for the homes and the history of the neighbourhood. The materials in the new homes are exclusive and oozes architectural surplus with industrial surfaces, dark profiles, warm oak panels and the preserved characteristic round windows.

In Mineralvandsfabrikken, you will not only live surrounded by listed buildings; you will live in an extraordinary building and a piece of proud, Danish industrial history. In the backyard you will find the 160 year old J.C. Jacobsen's Garden, which has been recreated so that it looks like when the old brewer himself went for a walk in the green.

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