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With our intention is to offer the most engaging and complete user experience when buying property in a residential newbuild project. We do this by offering buyers a user-friendly and structured journey from the moment of discovering a real estate project, through the period of construction, and all the way to the moment they turn the key into their new home.

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Publish and market your residential newbuild projects free of charge on the channel, and get free access to the traffic gained from active real estate buyers and investors who visits Here are some of the benefits we offer:

  • Access to thousands of high-potential buyers
  • Your own dashboard for tracking results
  • A separate web page with all your published projects
  • Listing and visibility as a partner


Direct marketing that targets active real estate buyers

In addition to the visibility all developers receive through, you can also choose to additionally increase the probability for sales success with the service Boost. Dedicated marketing will then be exclusively targeted towards the continuously increasing number of registered and active leads on the platform.

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From and your listing
Ad creation
Channel optimized ad formats
Relevant and active buyers
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